Campaign group hopes to make Falmouth dementia-friendly

Campaign group hopes to make Falmouth dementia-friendly

One of the most popular tourism destinations in Cornwall is taking steps towards becoming a dementia-friendly town.

A campaign group has been set up to raise awareness of the disease in Falmouth and make sure communities are better prepared to help dementia patients, the Falmouth Packet reports.

Falmouth Dementia Action Alliance hopes to educate the staff of the town's high street shops so that they can spot patients with the condition and assist them in appropriate ways.

Bob Bridges, who is a co-ordinator for the group, insisted that training retail staff is key to the initiative and so the alliance are handing out booklets containing hints and tips on how to care for customers who have dementia.

Shops with staff members who have received the training materials will be identified by a sticker displayed in their windows.

"The results will be that those affected by the illness and their carers will feel comfortable and be able to continue to use businesses and services without feeling stigmatised," Mr Bridges added.

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