Brothers prepare to hike for multiple sclerosis

Brothers prepare to hike for multiple sclerosis

A pair of brothers from Peterlee are preparing to set out on a trek to raise money for research into multiple sclerosis.

David and Peter Taylor-Gooby, aged 65 and 64 respectively, are heading to the mountains of Romania to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

They will tackle the Fagaras Ridge, a challenging 50-mile hike across a mountainous route, and they hope their efforts will bring more than £500.

"We have called it the Dracula Walk because it is in Transylvania where he was supposed to live," David Taylor-Gooby told the Journal.

"I do not expect we shall meet him though, but if we have time we shall try and see some of the old castles where he might have lived."

It follows news reported by the BBC that Scotland's only respite centre for people with multiple sclerosis may have been saved, after plans were announced to convert it into a charity.

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