Brits struggling to cope with modern life

Brits struggling to cope with modern life

Many Brits are struggling to cope with the pressures of modern life and are developing mental health problems as a result.

This is the opinion of Neil Shah, director of the Stress Management Society, who claims that people are increasingly getting stressed.

“When you have an adverse reaction to stress and you have got too much demand being placed on you, or too many things that you need to do, too much pressure and your ability to cope with that demand and pressure, you get overwhelmed,” he explained.

With modern life requiring people to function in a fast-paced environment, many individuals are finding that they don’t have the resilience to do so.

Therefore, in order to cope with increasing pressures people must remove some of the demand placed on them or delegate their responsibilities, according to Mr Shah.

It is also vital to seek support and ask for help if individuals feel that their mental health is suffering.

What’s more, keeping healthy through regular exercise and a balanced diet will better prepare the body for coping with daily pressures.

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