Brits 'may have tendency' to ignore worrying symptoms

Brits 'may have tendency' to ignore worrying symptoms

People using home care or assisted living should ensure they mention any worrying symptoms to their doctor.

According to Dr Mark Matfield, scientific co-ordinator at the Association for International Cancer Research, Brits may have a tendency to ignore worrying symptoms at first, in the hope they will disappear.

He explained that this could potentially explain why the UK has a lower cancer survival rate, compared to many other European countries.

Furthermore, earlier diagnosis of cancer could save between 5,000 and 10,000 lives per year, according to the expert.

"The sooner one takes symptoms to the doctor, the sooner one is likely to be diagnosed if it is something serious and treated," continued Mr Matfield.

This follows research published on, which revealed that survival after cancer in the UK is lower than in other European countries, which is likely to be due to a delay in diagnosis, lower investment in healthcare and poor care.

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