Bristol Dementia patients treated in 50s room

Bristol Dementia patients treated in 50s room

Dementia patients at Bristol Royal Infirmary are being treated in a room that has been fitted out to look like a 50s lounge, in the hope of triggering memories in patients.

Hospital managers are hopeful they will be able to buy more of the portable rooms, with scenes from the 40s and 60s too, in a bid to quell discomfort and make them feel comfortable during treatments.

Props have long been used to help trigger memories in dementia patients, but this is the first time a hospital has gone to such lengths to apply this method.

Helen Morgan, of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, explained: "There are films, and music from the day that plays out of the older radio via an iPod.

"For us and staff it generates conversation with people with dementia about what they can remember and brings a sense of calm."

The pilot scheme is being funded by a grant from the Women's Royal Voluntary Service charity.

The charity recently called for more work from ministers to support older people to live independently in their own homes.

This would also relieve some of the pressure on NHS resources, which is providing hospital care to a growing number of older people in the UK.

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