Breast cancer survivors 'at higher risk of hip fractures'

Breast cancer survivors 'at higher risk of hip fractures'

Early menopause could be weakening the bones in individuals who have survived breast cancer, leading to hip fractures, according to research.

A new Northwestern Medicine study, published in Clinical Cancer Research, found that early menopause due to breast cancer treatment and common drugs used to treat the condition could be leading to hip fractures once they reach middle age.

Researchers found that several breast cancer survivors in their early 50s were undergoing treatment for hip fractures at Northwestern Medicine.

They studied their type of breast cancer, treatment they had and how the hip fracture affected their quality of life.

Northwestern Medicine physician Beatrice Edwards said: "More research needs to be done before treatment guidelines are changed, but greater awareness of the adverse effects of certain breast cancer drugs is needed."

This comes after Elizabeth Jeffery, a University of Illinois professor of nutrition said that overcooking broccoli eliminates the enzyme myrosinase that allows sulforaphane, broccoli's cancer preventative constituent to form.

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