Is brain hyperactivity linked to depression?

Is brain hyperactivity linked to depression?

Patients with depression have hyperactivity of the brain, according to a recent study.

Researchers found that people with mental health conditions have increased connections among brain areas.

The malfunction is thought to be the cause of the anxiety, poor concentration, memory issues and sleep disturbances often experienced by people with depression.

Dr Andrew Leuchter, the study's first author, stated: "The brain must be able to regulate its connections to function properly.

"The brain must be able to first synchronise, and then later desynchronise, different areas in order to react, regulate mood, learn and solve problems."

However, depressed patients are unable to turn off connections in the brain.

The discovery could be vital in developing treatments for the condition that could potentially help control how the brain works and close connections.

Brain connections are also believed to break down and malfunction during the ageing process, which slows down a person's responses.

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