Brain anatomy 'could identify autistic individuals'

Brain anatomy 'could identify autistic individuals'

A new method for distinguishing children with autism from those who do not have the condition has been developed, potentially indicating who will benefit from respite care in the future.

Research published online in journal Biological Psychiatry revealed that the grey matter in brain regions affection social communication and self-related thoughts has a specific organisation in those with the condition.

According to the Stanford University study, these distinct features of brain structure could help determine whether a person is autistic.

Co-senior author of the study Antonio Hardan said: "We are getting closer to being able to use brain-imaging technology to help in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with autism."

Meanwhile, Jolanta Lasota, chief executive of Ambitious about Autism, has said that more funding should be dedicated to autism research.

She said that more money is "urgently required", as over 80 per cent of carers of those with the condition are unable to secure full time employment due to a lack of support and services.

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