Billy Connolly discusses Parkinson's battle

Billy Connolly discusses Parkinson's battle

Comedian Billy Connolly has opened up about his struggle with Parkinson's disease.

The 71-year-old spoke of the treatment he is going through in a bid to combat the symptoms, mentioning he was on ReQuip. However, as is sometimes the case, the side effects make it difficult for individuals to continue taking the medication - and this happened with Connolly. It brought on "a kind of dullness" and so his specialist took him off the drugs, he told the Daily Mirror. 

He spoke of his good friend Robin Williams, who recently passed away and was also diagnosed with the neurological disorder. 

Connolly mentioned how Mr Williams phoned him asking for advice about Parkinson's, but the comedian admitted he didn't have any - and was devastated by his death. 

It's believed around 127,000 individuals in the UK have the condition, for which there is currently no cure - although treatments are available to manage the symptoms. 

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