Better pain management 'cuts disability'

Better pain management 'cuts disability'

If chronic pain was managed better in older people it could lessen disability, specialists have said, which would be likely to reduce their dependence on home care.

Inadequate pain management in older people adds unnecessarily to their disability, according to the Gerontological Society of America.

Their report emphasised that medical professionals should not dismiss the chronic pain of older adults just because of their age.

"Older adults and practitioners need to work together to find optimal multi-modal pain management plans that reduce pain and avoid adverse events."

Meanwhile, Vicky Johnston, of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, has said that older people should take up resistance exercise is order to build up their muscle strength. This could reduce the likelihood of incidents which would cause chronic pain.

The expert explained that muscle strength declines from approximately the fourth decade of life, but this can be fought by undertaking exercises such as wall press-ups.

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