Bed choice important for bad backs

Bed choice important for bad backs

A good choice of bed is essential for those with health problems who may need home care, such as bad backs, limited mobility or breathing difficulties, according to one expert.

Jessica Alexander, spokeswoman for The Sleep Council, said that an adjustable bed can really help individuals with limited mobility, making getting in and out or sleeping with legs in a raised position much easier.

For those with breathing problems, some beds come with special treatments incorporated into covers or failing that, special protective mattress covers can be used.

When it comes to back problems, she says, there is no one specific bed recommended, as spinal issues vary so much.

However, she mentions the memory foam mattress option for pressure relief, although some people do not like the feeling of sinking into the bed.

"It depends whether you have problems with your neck or lower spine – some will need a mattress with more support and others are looking for more cushioning. But we all need something that holds our spine in the correct alignment," she says.

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