Beat stress with alternative therapy

Beat stress with alternative therapy

Although there is not one simple answer for beating stress, there are number of things people can do to relieve symptoms and release tension.

One option recommended by Sue Firth, a chartered psychologist, is to try alternative therapies, such as massage.

"Stress creates knots in the muscles from the chemical called cortisol," she explained.

"Massage can ease these, as can a chiropractor because tension creates discomfort and pushes our bones and muscles out of alignment."

Additionally, a simple measure everyone can master to beat stress is good breathing, Ms Firth added.

Although breathing something people regard as intrinsic, many people do not breathe properly.

Breathing in and out slowly and then counting to five each way can slow down the heart and "re-energise your brain".

This will help the body receive the amount of oxygen it needs to stop shortness of breath, while making sure that adrenaline doesn't overwhelm a person's system, stimulating the fight or flight response and anxiety.

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