Be sure to visit the optician regularly

Be sure to visit the optician regularly

As people get older, eyesight naturally deteriorates, but many of the problems adults experience could be avoided through regular optician appointments.

However, research by the College of Optometrists has revealed that five million Brits can't remember the last time they had their eyes checked, or believe that it has been more than ten years since their last exam.

This is despite the fact that 66 per cent of the population acknowledge that they could have a serious eye problem without realising it.

Dr Susan Blakeney, the College's clinical adviser, commented: "It often takes a big change in vision or health for people to visit an optometrist to find out what’s going on, and that may be too late to reverse any damage to sight, especially if you are in an at-risk group."

This failure to visit the optician regularly is surprising, as 86 per cent of people claim to value their eyesight above other senses.

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