Barchester GP acclaimed for travel insurance website

Barchester GP acclaimed for travel insurance website

A website run by a GP working at Barchester's Lucerne House in Devon has been named the Daily Mail website of the week. is a useful information resource for people of all ages with pre-existing medical conditions, including dementia, who can have trouble finding holiday and travel insurance.

It was created buy Dr Leo Clarke, a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners expert panel for dementia, who has established a dedicated GP surgery at Lucerne House and has sole responsibility for medical care at the home.

Dr Clarke said he set up the website because while it is very important for people with medical problems to get a break, many of his patients felt they could not go abroad because finding suitable travel insurance was difficult.

He added: "This led me to research companies that would cover these people. The aim of the website is to take some of the stress out of planning a holiday.

"I'm delighted that the Daily Mail has recognised this."

The news provider said that the site was a "very useful source" of "invaluable information", also awarding it a score of five out of five for its ease of use.

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