Baldness has an emotional and psychological impact

Baldness has an emotional and psychological impact

As men get older they may find that they lose their hair. While this doesn’t bother some, for others it can cause a severe emotional and psychological impact.

According to Dr Rob Hicks, celebrity doctor, many men feel embarrassed about hair loss.

“They may find that it is denting their confidence and it's lowering their self-esteem,” he explained.

This can lead to depression and social isolation. In extreme cases some men won’t even see their friends once they start to significantly lose their hair.

“They won’t try and form relationships and they find it difficult to be seen in public because of the way they perceive people are viewing them,” Dr Hicks continued.

For those starting to lose their hair it is important to recognise that it is a common problem that is a natural part of the aging process.

There are also things that can be done to address the issue, such as a hair transplant.

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