Autism may be linked to type two diabetes

Autism may be linked to type two diabetes

Research has shown that there may be a link between autism and type two diabetes.

A review of the genetic and biochemical abnormalities associated with autism has revealed underlying similarities with type two diabetes.

"It appears that both type two diabetes and autism have a common underlying mechanism - impaired glucose intolerance and hyperinsulinemia," explained Michael Stern, author of the paper.

Research has already linked glucose intolerance and hyperinsulinemia to heart conditions, increased cancer risk and kidney failure.

Patients with diabetes are advised to follow the ketogenic diet to improve and reverse kidney function.

The ketogenic diet is a specialised high-fat, low carbohydrate eating plan.

A study at the Mount Sinai school of medicine proved that a panel of genes associated with diabetes-related kidney failure were reversed by the diet.

The recent findings may open up new treatment possibilities for both autism and type two diabetes, in addition to speeding up diagnosis.

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