Ask yourself if you are hungry to shed Christmas weight

Ask yourself if you are hungry to shed Christmas weight

Older adults looking to shed that excess Christmas weight and return to a healthy diet are advised to ask themselves if they are really hungry before eating.

Roz Watkins, non-diet weight loss expert and owner of the Enlighten Programme, explained that to lose weight you should “focus on whether or not you are really hungry”, as this will stop people eating for the sake of it, which is often what causes older adults to pile on the pounds.

“If you are, eat what you want rather than some horrible diet option, which won’t fill you up.”

Ms Watkins also recommends eating natural foods and not worrying about eating natural fats, such as butter, cream and eggs.

Instead, people should try to limit their sugar intake and the amount of processed food they eat.

Focusing on whether you feel full, rather than how many calories you are eating is the best way to lose weight, according to Ms Watkins, as it is a more sustainable approach.

Ensuring that you take some light exercise every day is also a great way to stay healthy.

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