Ashby House gets involved in hand hygiene scheme

Ashby House gets involved in hand hygiene scheme

Barchester's Ashby House and 13 other Milton Keynes care homes are taking part in a hand hygiene project.

Each care home has chosen Hand Hygiene Champions who will be responsible for challenging colleagues and visitors about their hand hygiene.

The scheme, run in collaboration with Milton Keynes Community Health Services (MKCHS), is part of an initiative to help raise awareness of Hand Hygiene Day (May 5th).

Julie Uglow, practice development nurse in infection prevention and control at MKCHS, said: "The importance of good hand hygiene, whether you are in a GP practice, hospital, care home or nursing home cannot be underestimated.

"We are working with local nursing and residential care homes to help them practice the best possible standards and protect their residents from healthcare associated infections."

Hand hygiene is key in avoiding infections such as MRSA and C.difficile. Carrying these infections may not affect healthy people, but can be harmful to vulnerable and older people, such as those in care homes.

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