ART holds open event for dementia research

ART holds open event for dementia research

The UK's largest dementia charity is to hold an open event in Manchester, to educate members of the public about the latest developments in dementia research.

At the public session, people will get the chance to see leading doctors and talk to them about how dementia works, and what is being done to development new treatment methods.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust (ART) is hosting the event, with key speakers that include Dr Cathy Tournier of the University of Manchester.

Dr Tournier said that developing an understanding of what causes dementia is essential as it can lead to new methods of treatment.

She said of her work: "We want to uncover more about the protein which builds in the brain during Alzheimer's.

"We know this protein is a key player in Alzheimer's, so we want to understand how it builds and how it can damage brain cells."

According to the Alzheimer's Society, providing care and treatment for people with dementia costs the economy some £20 billion each year.

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