Arranging a care home prior to retirement 'better for health'

Arranging a care home prior to retirement 'better for health'

Married couples experience better social and financial outcomes if they plan in advance for their long-term care and old age, according to research carried out at the University of Missouri.

Those approaching retirement have been urged to think carefully about how their relationships may change and talk to their partner, family and friends to help adjusting to a new routine.

Assistant professor at the university's School of Social Work, Angela Curl, explained: "If a couple wants positive changes to occur in retirement, it is important for spouses to be intentional in negotiating and planning for activities that match their ideals, finances and current health status."

Recent research published in the journal Personal Relationships by professor Angela Hicks indicates that they way partners relate and communicate with each other can have a substantial affect on long-term mental and physical health.

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