Are your sleep patterns putting you at risk of Alzheimer’s?

Are your sleep patterns putting you at risk of Alzheimer’s?

Older women that get too little or too much sleep could be putting themselves at risk of mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers.

A study in the US found that those who sleep for five hours or less a night don’t perform as well in mental tests than those who sleep for seven hours. Those who sleep for more than nine hours also have a reduced performance.

The discovery was made when researchers analysed sleep duration in more than 15,000 women aged 70 and older.

Participants had their mental functioning assessed every other year for six years.

It was found that those that sleep less or more than seven hours age their brain by approximately two years.

During the research, sleep duration was also recorded twice when women were between the aged of 40-65 and 54-79.

The results showed that those who changed the average amount of time they slept by two hours or more from mid to later life also had mental decline.

This shows the important of having a sleep routine designed to give seven hours of rest each night throughout life.

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