Are you at risk of TBI?

Are you at risk of TBI?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a growing problem across the globe, but a new study claims that older adults are at an increased risk of the condition.

As people get older they are more likely to fall over and severe incidents often lead to TBI. Consequently, as the world's population ages, the amount of TBIs is set to rise.

However, this poses new complications for society and for those required to treat the condition.

Mechanisms must be put in place to help older adults keep their balance and avoid trips and falls.           
Doctors also need to step up to the challenge of TBI in an older population, according to researchers from the University of Milan, San Raffaele Hospital and San Gerardo Hospital.

The Italian cohort found that one in five patients with TBI are over 70 and have significantly worse outcomes because they are more vulnerable to bleeding in the brain and susceptibility to other diseases.

What's more, they are unable to repair the brain as they age and often are limited in the medication they can receive.                 
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