Are you getting enough sleep to repair your body?

Are you getting enough sleep to repair your body?

Ensuring that people get enough sleep is integral to ensuring Britons have good physical and mental health.

Pippa Swain, IKEA UK and Ireland bedrooms manager, explained that sleep is "essential for recovering" from the day and preparing the body for the future.

"During sleep, our body is repaired and refuelled with energy," she said, adding that without this, physical and mental development can be impaired.

The release of hormones during the sleeping process also helps to build up the immune system, which protects the body from unwanted ailments and diseases.

"Restful sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. It is as important as nutritious food and exercise," Ms Swain asserted.

Poor sleep, often the result of a disorder, has been linked to cognitive conditions, such as dementia or Parkinson's disease.

One study from the University of California detailed how elderly women with sleep apnoea are twice as likely to develop dementia in the next five years.

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