Architect defies medical opinion to become artist

Architect defies medical opinion to become artist

A former architect from Wales is to have paintings he created after recovering from a serious stroke exhibited in his home town.

David Larner, 57, had not been expected to survive his severe stroke, but he astounded doctors by regaining his cognitive function and some movement, the Metro reports.

Also still unable to speak or work, Mr Larner found his recovery was aided by art classes, and despite having to learn to paint with his left hand, he began to produce some fine artwork.

His daughter Sam told the publication that the standard of care he received really helped him to make his recovery and defy medical opinion.

"He wants to make ends meet and wants to be able to buy nice things for my mum with any money he earns [from selling his paintings]. He's determined to be independent," she said.

According to the Stroke Association, someone in the UK experiences a stroke every five minutes.

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