Anxiety patients 'should stay away from sugar and caffeine'

Anxiety patients 'should stay away from sugar and caffeine'

People with anxiety issues, who may be utilising assisted living, should avoid certain foods, according to one expert.

Terri Torevell, communications officer for Anxiety UK, underlined the relation between food and mood.

She said that when feeling anxious, sugary foods and caffeinated drinks should be avoided.

Such foods and beverages cause a blood sugar spike, which can make people feel anxious or jittery.

Additionally, withdrawal from alcohol can mimic the physical symptoms of anxiety, so it is a good idea to stay away from this too.

Ms Torevell also said that anxiety should be "on the same footing" as other mental health conditions, but it is often overlooked.

"Anxiety has typically been seen as something people need to 'snap out of,' where people are often told to 'pull themselves together'," she noted.

One in six UK adults lives with anxiety, according to the charity, with 37 per cent of UK adults now more anxious than they used to be.

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