Is anger good for relationship health?

 Is anger good for relationship health?

It is generally thought that most arguments occur in the early, heady days of a relationship, when emotions run high and everything is new.

However, older adults that have been married for a long time will attest that disagreements don't stop as relationships progress.

To stop these arguments ruining bonds, people are consistently told to forgive and forget. However, a new study has suggested that expressing anger is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Researchers from Florida State University claim that airing grievances is vital for couples to solve relationship problems and prevent issues from festering.

It is also beneficial for mental health, as individuals can get things off their chest and don't get bogged down in the mistakes of the past.

Dr James McNulty, author of the study, commented: "If the partner can do something to resolve a problem that is likely to otherwise continue and negatively affect the relationship, people may experience long-term benefits by temporarily withholding forgiveness and expressing anger."

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