Alzheimer's Society welcomes Francis Report

Alzheimer's Society welcomes Francis Report

The Alzheimer's Society has welcomed the Francis Report into the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust scandal, which affected many patients with dementia.

Jeremy Hughes, the charity's chief executive, said the findings from Robert Francis' inquiry have revealed "the shocking extent" to which vulnerable patients were failed.

He highlights the fact one-quarter of all UK hospital beds are occupied by patients with the neurodegenerative condition, yet less than half of hospitals have committed to becoming dementia-friendly.

As a result of the Francis Report, David Cameron has called for a statutory obligation of candour and for nurses to be held personally responsible for the level of care they provide - measures described by Mr Hughes as "encouraging".

"This case has shown us the shocking consequences of inaction and is a timely reminder that hospital care needs reforming now," he said.

Changes to regulation are also recommended in the Francis Report and Mr Hughes insisted the voices of patients and families need to be heard and acted upon.

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