Alzheimer's Society: don't bottle it on elderly care reform

Alzheimer's Society: don't bottle it on elderly care reform

A leading dementia charity has called for the government to go through with plans for elderly care reform.

Reports in today's Guardian claim that Labour is planning to "shelve" plans for reform as the issue is too contentious to handle before an election.

The Alzheimer's Society has said it will be "very disappointing" if the government "bottles it" on the subject of elderly care reform.

Andrew Chidgey, head of policy and public affairs at the Alzheimer's Society, has urged all parties to look beyond the current election and help those who have to pay for inadequate care.

"No political party has yet given an adequate explanation as to how to sort out the funding system which will meet the needs of all people with dementia. Now is the time for our political parties to come up with bold solutions," he added.

The Public Accounts Committee criticised the government last week for what it saw as "broken promises" on the subject of social care reform, saying there is a "wide gulf" between what the Department of Health has said it will do and what it has actually done.

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