Alzheimer's Research Trust launches TV campaign

Alzheimer's Research Trust launches TV campaign

The Alzheimer's Research Trust has launched a new campaign to spread the word about dementia and the need for funding.

Two adverts will be shown: one with a scientist researching the disease in order to discover new treatments and another more emotional appeal from a woman who describes how her husband was lost to dementia two years ago while her husband sits next to her staring into space.

Chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Rebecca Wood said: "This is the first time we have used TV to reach out to the nation and highlight to every home the devastation that Alzheimer's causes.

"Over 820,000 people in the UK have Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, yet research is seriously underfunded."

She added that for just £4 a month, people can help fund vital research to find a cure.

Last month, the Alzheimer's Research Trust discovered that the condition affects 820,000 people, costing the UK economy £23 billion per year.

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