Alzheimer's patient shows remarkable improvement on coconut oil

Alzheimer's patient shows remarkable improvement on coconut oil

There have been further reports of Alzheimer's patients who have displayed dramatic improvements in their condition since beginning to take coconut oil.

The Daily Mail highlights the case of Vrajlal Parmar, whose condition was deemed to be so severe that he did not register a score on the Mini Mental State Examination, which is used to diagnose and measure the progress of Alzheimer's.

As a result of the test, the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at University College London deemed that no drug treatment would be effective for Mr Parmar.

His son, Kal Parmar, discovered research online that suggested some patients with the condition can show remarkable improvements if given coconut oil. The younger Mr Parmar then began mixing a teaspoon of the oil to his father's meals twice a day.

He says: "Now you can have a simple conversation with him. We go for walks. He even remembers his national insurance number."

Coconut oil is believed to be effective because it encourages the body to create ketones, which give cells energy. Ketones are closely linked to diabetes and this theory further indicates a link between Alzheimer's and diabetes.

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