Alzheimer's guidelines 'improve treatment at all stages'

Alzheimer's guidelines 'improve treatment at all stages'

Guidance released on how best to care for Alzheimer's patients will improve treatment at every stage of the condition, one expert has ventured, no doubt affecting many seeking to find a care home.

Dr Simon Manchip, consultant in old-age psychiatry, explained that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidance focuses on the "whole spectrum" of Alzheimer's patients.

He added that the guidelines offer different options for helping with behavioural problems in those with the neurodegenerative condition.

"There are loads of different strands of work coming together to make sure that we are reducing the stress that the patients are suffering throughout all the stages of the illness," elaborated Dr Manchip.

The expert also noted that the Department of Health is currently trying to lessen the number of inappropriate prescriptions of major tranquillisers to Alzheimer's patients.

Meanwhile, a San Francisco VA Medical Center team have revealed that over half of all Alzheimer's cases could be prevented by a change in lifestyle and the prevention of other chronic illnesses.

Posted by Natalie Edwards