Alzheimer's causes deterioration more rapidly in women

Alzheimer's causes deterioration more rapidly in women

Females with Alzheimer's disease experience more rapid deterioration than their male counterparts, according to a recent study.

Researchers have found that even if men and women are at the same stage of the disease, females have a greater loss of mental faculty.

The discovery indicates that male brains are better equipped to cope with Alzheimer's disease, highlighting the potential for new treatments.

If researchers can identify why men can withstand the disease to a greater extent than females, there is a chance the conditions could be brought about in women.

The discovery was made when a team from the University of Hertfordshire analysed 828 men and 1,238 women with Alzheimer's and found that males outperformed females on cognitive tests.

Professor Keith Laws, leader of the study, commented: "Unlike mental decline associated with normal aging, something about Alzheimer’s specifically disadvantages women."

He speculates this may be because women lose oestrogen after the menopause, which has a key role to play in the chemistry of the brain.

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