Actress: Barchester Healthcare staff "exemplary"

Actress: Barchester Healthcare staff "exemplary"

An actress has praised Barchester staff for the care that they provided to her 97-year-old mother.

Columnist Judith Potts, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that despite her more general criticisms of hospital nurses those working for Barchester Healthcare were "exemplary" and gave her mother 24-hour care.

She added that they were backed by carers who were gentle, kind and patient, helping her mother until the end through a combination of vascular dementia and Charles Bonnet syndrome.

"Barchester Healthcare make sure all their staff have ongoing training in the 100+ types of dementia and their support, not just for the patient but also for the family," Ms Potts explained.

She said that it was highly unfortunate that, while people are willing to donate to cancer charities, those dealing with macular disease and Alzheimer's often struggle to obtain donations.

Last month, the Univesity of Bristol's Dr Olivia Skrobot announced that a new project has been launched to examine the diagnosis and treatment of vascular dementia.

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