What Do Older Voters Care About in 2017

It’s been a few months now since Theresa May’s Snap Election on June 8th, meaning we’ve had time to come together and forget about the Tory/Labour divide that runs through a number of families and groups of friends. Looking at the voting in retrospect and after analysis of how each demographic voted, it appears that the biggest political divide in Britain is age. So what is exactly that pitted the elderly against the young in this year's election?

Whether you lean left or right, staying politically engaged as you age can prove a challenge. If an elderly or loved one you know is struggling to stay involved with social issues and is becoming isolated, why not have a look at our care homes near me. Barchester offers an environment in which your loved ones can spend their retirement with people their age – we offer a number of activities to keep up our residents socially and mentally engaged and ensure their later years are the most fulfilling.

Old vs Young

Traditionally, older voters tend to turn out more than any other age group.  Many older voters appear to have shifted to the Tories, with Labour trailing by 43 points among those over 65, in comparison to a deficit of only 24 points in 2015. The Conservatives also overtook Labour as the party of choice among those in the age group of 50-65, perhaps due to their preference on Brexit.  83-year-old Ron Kerwood from east London states ‘Theresa May and the Tory party are the only ones with any intention of carrying out Brexit.’ Theresa May had expected a majority win, and one of the factors that had arguably ruined her campaign was the ‘dementia tax’. The dementia tax meant that many homeowners would pay almost unlimited money for long term care, which woke up many voters who weren’t even directly affected by it. 

At Barchester, we care about dementia. Although many older voters’ may not have been turned off by this Tory proposal, almost 1 in 6 people (over 80) in the UK have dementia, with that number set to increase as the older population increases. If you are worried about someone you know suffering from dementia, have a look at our dementia care homes, our dementia team has a duty of care towards our residents and has been developing a real understanding of people affected by the condition since 1992.

Interestingly in the election, Corbyn had attempted to court older voters – promising he would keep their winter fuel allowance and free bus passes, whilst Teresa May said she would limit pensions with the money funneling towards younger voters. Nevertheless, the Conservatives still managed to lock up the older voters, perhaps due to her stance on Brexit – which 69% of over 65 year old’s voted for.

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