How safe is your home? – What you can do to help

With an ever-larger number of later in life people living in their own homes it is important to make sure their homes are secure and safe places for them to stay. Over 2.3 million accidents take place in homes each year and over 7,000 of these involve people aged over 65.  Among these accidents are burns, falls and poisonings.

This is because an older person might be less able to take quick action in case of emergency due to physical problems or even problems with hearing, seeing or memory, heavy medication or live alone.

Unfortunately, these are not the only dangers, as older people can sometimes be targets for criminals.

It is important for older people to keep emergency contacts and numbers in a handy place that can be reached with ease. Include local services and emergency numbers alongside family members who can react quickly.

Ensure your home is safe when it comes to fire and related dangers. Replace any appliance that looks deteriorated or dangerous due to damaged cords. By law, smoke detectors should be placed in every home and you should ensure that they work periodically.

Prevent falls as much as possible by making sure there are objects you can rest upon if you ever have mobility problems. Technology can help for this issue, as there are bracelets that can detect falls and contact emergency services for you if you are not able to reach the phone.

Protect against abuse at all times. You should keep your windows and doors locked at all times, and never let a stranger into your home when you are alone. Make sure your routine varies as otherwise you could be a target for people who know when you are not at home.

These are just a few tips to keep you safe if you intend to live in your own residence and are good ideas to follow no matter where you are. If you would like more help and advice, follow this link to our expert information page.