How to look after your joints as you age

Stiffness might be a common sign of old age, however, back pains and general joint problems may appear at every stage of our lives. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we present you with our best practices that promise to keep your joints healthy and your body ever young.

What can cause joints problems

When you notice discomforting stiffness or pain in your back, this can be a sign of joint trouble. Bad joints are caused not only by injuries, but also by many other factors and are a natural result of ageing. Joints are there to prevent our bones from rubbing with each other. Nonetheless, chronic bad practices and burden of the joints can wear and tear them even faster. Bad body posture, pushing yourself to the limits, doing a lot of weightlifting, bad eating habits and extra body weight can damage your joints quickly and lead to arthritis.

How your weight and diet affects your joints

Carrying extra weight is sure to affect your joints as they connect the bones which in their turn support your whole body. Keeping your weight within a healthy level will protect your knees, your back, and your hips, the main supporters of your body weight.

Furthermore, a diet low in saturated fat and processed food will help you maintain healthier muscles, joints, and bones. What’s more, adding more calcium and Vitamin D to your diet is very beneficial as it strengthens the bones. Finally, make sure you get enough protein to feed your muscles. Barchester’s specially created menu is based on a healthy and balanced diet.


Exercise will not only help you strengthen your core and joints, it will also help you reach your weight goals. Choose among a variety of suitable exercise that will keep you on a healthy lifestyle and protect your joints. These can include aerobics, swimming, pilates, or yoga. Take your pick according to your needs and taste. At Barchester care homes we offer a range of enjoyable and beneficial activities to our lovely residents. It is our aim to involve older people in an active lifestyle.

A thing to note though; be cautious while exercising and pause to rest if you feel like a certain exercise or movement causes pain or discomfort. You don’t want to get a dislocated joint or cause any permanent injury in your effort to strengthen your core and joints!

Support your body

Helping your body in any way you can is the least you can do to prevent bad joints. Most people don’t stop to think how small daily things can be affecting your health, like shoes, for example. Sacrificing health for looks is a common mistake. Going forward you might want to invest in a pair of well-supporting trainers, or anatomic shoes. These will help absorb any shocks from your touch with the ground while you run or jump, providing the right cushioning and stability, and thus protecting your joints from constant charge.

Have a proper posture

Moreover, being conscious of your posture while you sit or walk is very important in the fight of joint problems prevention. For those of you that work in an office, or sit at your desk at home for hours, I would suggest you always maintain a proper body posture. This would not only protect your joints, but also your spine and prevent any future back pains and joint burdening.