How to Help the Elderly Stay Involved in Local Issues

A number of factors contribute to quality of life; physical activity, maintaining independence, financial security, but perhaps the most paramount – social engagement. Whether your loved ones are living at home or are enjoying care at Barchester, it is important for them to gain emotional stimulation to remain engaged with the process of living. One of the biggest challenges in elderly care is keeping people that are older involved in the local community. Our staff ensure that life with Barchester is as stimulating and fulfilling as possible, meaning senior isolation is not a primary concern of ours. It is, however, easy for older people living alone to become less engaged with what is going on in their local community, as well as less socially engaged with the people they used to spend a lot of time with.

Staying socially connected literally saves your life. Social activity levels have a massive impact on health and lack of it in seniors can lead to a decline in cognitive function. One study in Chicago proved that those with frequent social contact’s rate of cognitive decline was 70 percent less than those with frequent contact with others. 

Make the Effort!

Sometimes when your parent’s joints are feeling a little stiff and it’s a bit cold outside it can be easier for them to sit inside and watch the telly or pick up a book, but making sure you motivate them to get up and out to involve themselves socially is really helpful. Although there are more limitations for older people trying to maintain lifelong relationships and be part of the local community, the benefits of staying involved are endless so it is worth persuading them to make the effort. The best way to stay involved in local issues and the community is to nurture your social network whenever possible by maintaining relationships – this could be through Church, local meetings, or any activities that you feel work for you or your parent. At Barchester, we offer a number of activities and encourage them as one of the most important parts of our day, to ensure our residents can get involved in groups rather than remain as individuals.

Volunteer or Help Out

Staying involved with local issues is about more than just staying busy – it’s about making sure your life has the most meaning it possibly can.  Volunteering brings meaning to the lives of those at midlife and beyond by allowing them to care for others and contribute to society during a period of their lives in which they may have more free time. Older people have a wealth of skills and experiences, as well as being among the most wise, after having lived through experiences that most cannot even imagine. Persuading your parents to utilise these traits can have a huge benefits to them and to the local community.

 If you’re worried about elderly relatives that are feeling a little isolated, why not consider one of our care homes near you. We pride ourselves on keeping our guests comfortable, happy and healthy – but most importantly socially active, so they can be among a community of residents with a similar mindset.  Contact us to make sure you enhance your loved ones retirement to the best extent you possibly can.