How to change your loved one's perception of care

Choosing the right care home can be difficult, but for many people it's just as challenging - if not more so - to start the conversation with your loved one.

For a lot of elderly people, the idea of moving into a care home represents a loss of independence in admitting that they can't cope alone anymore. Some may also think the transition is because they have become a burden and their families no longer want to spend so much time on them.

To ensure that the best decision is made for your loved one, it's important that you are able to openly talk to them about the possibility of care and what changes it would have on their lifestyle.

Start the conversation

Like many uncomfortable topics, we often put off speaking to our elderly parents or grandparents about care until they need further support. However, this isn't the best tactic. Waiting until your relative falls ill or has an accident to broach the subject means you are putting further stress on yourself and them by possibly having to make a decision on their behalf at an already unpleasant time.

If your parents are retired, it might be an idea to discuss the possibilities about care, and think about the preparation for care. It could be that your loved one never requires additional care, but understanding their feelings and concerns early can make the process less worrying for all of you.

Reach out for support

Whether you already know someone who has some level of additional care support or just want to do a little research into the types of care available at the homes in your area, knowing what's out there can really help to change their - and your - perception of care.

For many older people, especially those who have lost a spouse or close friend, going into a care home provides them the opportunity to socialise with others and make new friends. In addition, they don't have to stress about cooking for themselves or checking in with their doctors as all of this can often be done through the care home. It also means that if their needs change, they are surrounded by experienced professionals who know them and can advise about the best next steps.

Visiting a Barchester care home

On the 21st of April, many of our Barchester care homes will be celebrating the Queen’s official birthday for National Care Home Open Day, and it's a great excuse to see what a care home is really like, and find out more about the kinds of support they can offer.

Our friendly care teams and support staff are always there to help with any questions you may have. Do get in touch with your local care home to organise a visit.