Dealing with New Challenges Around the House

Dementia has a number of symptoms; memory problems, physical difficulties and simple changes in what makes you feel safe and secure. With this, comes increasing problems, which can make simple things one has been doing for years become more and more of a difficulty. Whilst living alone is harder with dementia, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the challenges faced around the house.

Forgetting where to store things

It’s easy to understand why people with dementia might get confused about where things belong – imagine going to a complete strangers kitchen and trying to put all the things in their dishwasher away. Whilst putting socks in the wrong drawer might not pose a major health risk, it can be extremely disruptive and make life increasingly difficult for people living with dementia or those living with them. This problem can be easily solved by the use of clear labels or signage to make it obvious where everything belongs. If possible, use open fronted cupboards or shelves that are easy to see. Grouping things together can also help – for example, in the kitchen, why not put the teaspoon, mugs and teabags together so that it is easier to make a cup of tea. Why not consider a Barchester care home? Our diets are delicious and cater for every individuals needs – and we can store things away for those in our care living with dementia.

Forgetting how to use items

Technology is constantly moving forwards and things are changing shape daily. If your parent has an item such as an iron or a kettle that they’ve had for years then it may still be easy to operate, but newer items can look like the most complicated of gadgets, such as microwaves – everyone has trouble with a new one of those! To suddenly realise that they are unable to operate an iron, a washing machine or even a home phone can be extremely upsetting. Helping someone with dementia to use these items can be difficult, when they are needed everyday, so perhaps it’s time to consider a Barchester care home? Our staff really care about our residents and can help them with a number of tasks that may be growing ever-challenging for those living with dementia.

Not having the strength

A person who needs to be cared for can often have troubles lifting. Cooking can cause problems, with heavy saucepans and even the kettle. Carrying piles of washing down the stairs may not be as easy as it once was. Using knives and even scissors requires precision that may not still be there. And opening things such as jars and tins can be difficult for the best of us, let alone the elderly. There’s a number of tools and gadgets that are ergonomically designed and can be employed to help with dexterity problems – there are tools that make opening cans with ring pulls easier, kettle tippers, cooking baskets and plate holders available, however learning to use these new tools can be difficult. If your loved one does not have the strength anymore, Barchester offer assisted living care, meaning they can relax and enjoy their retirement stress free whilst maintaining their independence.

A lot of tasks become harder as we age. If you’re unable to go to the shop with a loved one every time they need their groceries bought, or do their ironing for them every morning then why not have a look at some of our care homes. We have a number of types of care available and have a real quality approach – we’re passionate about ensuring our residents have the best retirement possible. Contact us to find out more and be sure to check out our care homes near you. If you’d simply like to hear more about the dementia and respite care services available at Barchester, please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry or set up a visit to one of your local care homes.