Christmas gift ideas for older people

Everybody looks forward to Christmas at Barchester Care Homes and there is absolutely nothing we like more than buying presents. It is the season of giving and it is only around the corner. This is the ideal opportunity to buy your nearest and dearest the perfect gift to show them that you care. Buying the right gift is often a challenging task for ordinary folk. However, the elves at Barchester have devised a list of gifts that are guaranteed to raise a smile this Christmas.

Digital photo frame

Too many amazing photos to choose from? Not enough room to display them? A Digital Photo Frame is the perfect solution to your problems. This easy to use and simple gadget allows you to display all your photos in one place, whilst taking up minimal space. This would be the perfect addition to one of our Care Home rooms, as you would never have to choose between that photo of you on holiday and a photo of your family ever again.  

It is the perfect gift for keen photographers and those just wanting to display their memories.


E-Readers have taken the book industry by storm and this Christmas it is time to ditch your paperbacks and go digital once and for all. With an E-Reader there is no need to go to the shop and buy books as they are all just a few fingertips away. If you have ever found the text to be too small in books, then e-readers allow you to adjust the font size accordingly. Finally, throw away your bookmarks as you will never lose your page again as your place will be saved ready for your next read. These benefits make this a great gadget for the older person to this Christmas and make a great supplement to the activities here at Barchester.

The perfect gift for avid readers and the book worms amongst you. 


Christmas is coming and with that means cold weather. The cold can have serious health implications for older people and that is why it is absolutely essential to wrap up warm. This combination of a scarf and a hood, now commonly known as a Snood, is the perfect accessory to stay stylish and warm during the holiday season. 

The perfect gift for anyone looking to add some style their winter wardrobe. 

Electronic foot warmer

It is no secret that as you get older, poor circulation can mean your hands and feet get cold more easily. With temperatures bound to drop and snow set to fall this holiday season, it is becoming more and more important to keep your body warm, especially your feet. An electronic foot warmer is the ideal solution to your problems and it makes the perfect Christmas gift. By buying an electric foot warmer, you can cross socks off your Christmas list and buy something exciting for your loved ones.

The perfect gift to keep you warm this Christmas and fight off those winter illnesses.