Be good to your neighbours this winter

Winter brings with it a series of issues that can affect older people more than it does so to younger people.  Being a good neighbour also means looking out for those who may be a bit later in life and could do with some help. Here are a series of tips to remember and offer a helping hand to your neighbours.

First, if you truly want to help your older neighbour, you should probably be proactive and help them without the need to be asked. Make the effort to ask them how they are and if they need anything. The truth is even if they turn your offer down the effort will be deeply appreciated.

Once you have made contact and reached out to them, it will be much easier to check up on them throughout the season. Storms and icy weather could be potentially more harming to them than one could think. If you live in an area where it snows a lot, it could cause them problems getting out of the house or even performing the most simple of tasks. If you have to clear you own driveway offer to help with theirs.

Winter is not only a time when the weather can complicate things, but it can also bring on loneliness. Sharing a meal is a great idea; not only is it a practical solution saving their time and energy but it is also a great way to share time with them and provide some well-appreciated company.

Our last tip involves making sure their home is adequate for the cold and bitter weather. Make sure they have adequate heating and if not see if you can source or lend them a portable heater for when the weather gets cold.

For more information on what to do during the colder months of the year and the type of assistance we offer, look at our types of care page.