5 Ways to Slow Down the Ageing Process

As we grow older and wiser, the inevitability of ageing becomes more and more of a reality. Some days we may wake up with a little less energy, other days we may find a grey hair. Regardless, it’s never too late to slow down the ageing process and ensure we look and feel the best we can, because as long as you’re young at heart - age is just a number!

We all know exercise has a multitude of benefits, but the anti-ageing properties it offers are endless. A steady fitness routine can build your muscles and stave of chronic illness, whilst giving you vim and vigor by firing up your brain. In a residential care home, getting up and moving can make your mind and body feel more alert, meaning menial tasks later in the day will require less exertion. The benefits of exercise aren’t just internal though – it keeps your skin soft and glowing as well as improving posture (which shaves decades off your appearance.)

Exercise can also boost your mood. A light walk will release enough endorphins to leave you feeling blissful, as well as improve the quality of your sleep. One of exercise’s main benefits is its stress relieving factors – light activity can distract you from your worries and anxieties and produce a relaxing effect. Barchester Healthcare offers several classes involving exercise and movement, as well as a number of other activities such as gardening, art clubs and baking – all of which can relieve anxiety and help you to relax – which is crucial when trying to feel younger!

Both stress relief and exercise help you dose off in the evenings – and we all know restful sleep is the real fountain of youth! Getting the right amount of sleep helps optimise body functionality and besides from giving you more energy throughout the day, it also helps you retain a younger look. Sleeping produces the human growth hormone, which is proven to maintain skin elasticity by producing collagen, which in turn maintains skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles. Sleeping has also been proven to improve memory, attention and concentration, meaning you’ll feel younger in body and soul.

While your belly may look a little rounder than ten years ago, this isn’t the sole thing your dining habits will affect when looking in the mirror. Sugary foods like cakes and donuts are linked to the development of wrinkles, while processed or fatty meats are to blame for inflammation. Luckily, Barchester’s residential care homes offers a varied diet that incorporates all the nutrients needed. Binging on walnuts is one of the best things you can do to fight age, full with essential omega-3 fatty-acids. And foods like green leafy vegetables, berries and teas are packed full of anti-oxidants, so make sure you include them in your daily diet.

Alcohol can rev up the ageing process when consumed heavily. One glass a day is good for the heart, but any more is dehydrating and pro-inflammatory. It may not be quite as fun, but reach for a glass of water instead – the anti-aging benefits make it worth it. Loss of hydration results in dryness and tightness of the skin, whilst 2 litres of water a day can maintain moisture and deliver essential nutrients to your skin cells.

 Our staff are here to ensure our residents have a diet and activity level that fits them and makes them feel young and full of energy! Have a browse of some of our care homes near you, if you want to ensure your parents have the most valuable retirement that possibly can.