3 Major Physical Changes Brought About by Aging

We can’t predict what will happen in the future, however preparing where possible is always a great idea. The human body isn’t built to last and begins to change with the passage of time, but if you’re still young at heart then who cares! Here’s what we at Barchester consider the 3 most major physical changes that are brought about by aging, and how to prepare for them so that you can absolutely relish your retirement.

Memory Loss

Over 850,000 people in the UK are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease – with that number expected to multiply by three by 2050. Barchester have written on a number of foods which have been proven to combat dementia – there are a number of practices, healthy diet plans, physical and mental exercises and more, which when combined can help prevent the disease. For those already living with dementia or that have a loved one with the disease, why not consider a Barchester dementia care home. Whilst menial tasks can become more challenging than they once were, our staff are able to ensure the highest quality of living for our residents – complete with social engagement with others in a similar situation, exercise, music therapy and more.

Becoming Deaf

We all have had one elderly relative in the past who has needed you to repeat what you’ve said a few times before understanding – it’s a natural part of the aging process (under 50% of those under 75 can still hear to the same degree they could when they were younger.) Whilst researchers are currently working on a gene that can restore hearing loss, until then, you can save your hearing power by taking a little more care in your everyday life. If you are constantly surrounded by loud noises at work or are prone to listening to loud music, perhaps it’s time to cut down. Loud noises release a toxic chemical within the brain, so avoid loud noises and cranking the music through your headphones where available. Not being able to listen to your favorite songs without having to put it on full volume may seem like a worrying prospect, but at Barchester we offer music therapy to our residents which makes instruments and chords accessible to those with difficulty hearing.

Losing Eyesight

The world around us is a beautiful one. If you are able to read this, then chances are you are also able to enjoy the beauty of nature, your love life and the world around with your own beautiful eyes – however once we reach 60 the risk of glaucoma becomes higher and higher (a major cause of irreversible blindness.) Prevention is always better than cure and there’s a number of ways you can slow down the deterioration of your eyesight. Avoiding smoking, eating healthily and regular exercise are all crucial in keeping your eyes in shape. Thankfully, Barchester offers a nutritious diet and a number of exercise options meaning our residents can do everything possible to keep their sight in tip-top shape. Wearing sunglasses is another way in which older adults can look after their eyes, so don’t be hesitant to get the shades out.

Getting old can be the best time of your life with Barchester. We have care homes across the country and can offer all types of support for elderly people, including nursing care services for older people living with dementia, as well as providing accommodation and support for those in need of assisted living.